*Note:If, while following the instructions, the user finds that they do not see the options that are provided in the instructions, then it may be an indicator that they do not have user privileges that allow them to access or change that information. They will need to reach out to upper management (Regional Manager/ Company Admin) for assistance.   

If something is not appearing correctly on your Online Application, please locate the number associated with that section on the form pictured below, then find the corresponding number in the list located under the form for information and instructions. 

1) Screening Company: Shows and allows you to select the screening company you use. This will appear on the Rental Application form. 

2) Screening Charges: Allows you to enter the appropriate screening fees for the property. Please remember that the amount(s) entered do not include the fee charged by the payment processor. If you do not want the processing fee displayed, then you will need to check the box next to, "Do not include the payment processing fee on the Welcome Screen and Notes and Fees section".         

3) Rental Criteria: If the property has custom rental criteria or if there are additional forms to be completed with the application, then the criteria and/or forms are to be uploaded here. 

4) Welcome Screen: Allows you to choose to use the default Welcome Screen message or use a Custom Welcome Screen message for the property's online application. 

5) Deposits, Fees, and Notes: Allows you to add additional notes to appear in the Notes and Fees section of the Welcome Screen. For example, you can provide a link to the property website, list any current promotions, or anything else that the property would like to add. 

6) Time to Rental or Deposit: Allows you to set how long (in hours) an approved applicant will have to either execute the Rental Agreement and pay deposits or pay a deposit to hold the unit and execute an Agreement to Execute a Rental Agreement. 

7) Units: The property can choose settings that determine if the applicant will have to select a unit to apply for before proceeding with the application, as well as what units will be viewable to applicants. 

*Important Note: If you DO NOT want to "Show all units", then you can review/update the property's unit availability settings in Tools>Online App Unit Availability. For more information or instructions, please click here then scroll down to find the Online App Unit Availability section. 

8) Auto Email to New Applicants and Auto Email Adverse Action Letters: For each section, the new applicant email and the adverse action email, the property has the option to use a default message that will be sent to the applicant, or they can create a custom message to be used. 

9) Online Application Custom Colors: If the property would like to customize the appearance of their Welcome Screen and online application, then they can select the option to use custom colors.

 These settings allow you to customize the appearance of your Welcome Screen and online application. By clicking on the dropdown menu for each setting (header bard, background, body, sidebar, etc.) you will be able to choose from a range of color options. You can also choose the font.