A step-by-step guide through the online application process, from the applicant's view.

*NOTE: The various fields and pages may look different depending on the application and/or Company. 

1) Once the applicant has decided to apply, they will need to "Begin" their application, located to the bottom right. If they have already started an application, then they will need to Log In to the existing application to finish it. The "Log In" is located on the upper right side of the page. 

2) The applicant will read the Criteria for Residency, and click the box indicating that they have read, understand, and agree, then click "Next" to move on to the next step.

        NOTE: The custom criteria, then then it will need to be uploaded in Property Settings >>Applications/Screening

3) The applicant will be required to provide their email address and a password, to create an account for this specific application. They would use this email address and password to complete the application, in the event that they have to stop before it is complete. Once the application has been submitted, the applicant is no longer able to access it unless the property's manager has selected the option to "Return to Applicant" (Go to Applicants > click on applicant's name > Select "Return to Applicant from the menu)

                                                            Sections with an asterisk (*) are required

Note: If the applicant needs to start a new application, or if more than one applicant uses the same email address, then they would need to create a unique password for each application that is submitted. They can use the same email address, but not the same password. 

Once they have provided their email address and created a password, they will receive an email thanking them for creating an account with the property. It also provides a link that will take them back to the application page, if needed, and has the property's email address and ph# to allow them to easily contact the property with any questions they may have. 

4)  The applicant enters their personal information, then selects "Next" at the bottom of the page. 

5) The applicant enters the unit they are applying for and their Resident History, then selects "Next" at the bottom of the page. There is also an option to go "Back" to the previous page if there is information they forgot to enter or need to correct.  

6) The applicant enters their employment, income, vehicle, and pet information, as well as reference and emergency contact information, then selects "Next".  If they have any pets, then they will be required to state how many and provide the pet's information (name, type of pet, etc.) before moving on to the next page of the application. 

7) The applicant enters information for any other occupants in the unit and uploads documents to be reviewed with their application. 

*Note: This is also where the applicant can invite a co-applicant to apply with them if you have those settings enabled. You can check/update that setting by going to Property Settings >> Application/Screening. You can find more information on this feature in the article, Invite Co-Applicants Feature.

8) Authorize Credit and Background Check & create their signature.

9) The applicant can now view what full application in a PDF format, to review/ensure everything appears correctly.  Then they apply their signature to the application & confirm.  

             THEN view the information and signature on the document before proceeding.

10) The applicant will enter their payment information.

11) The applicant is asked to confirm the information and submit the payment. 

12) Once the application has been submitted, the applicant will see a "Thank You" message to confirm the application was successfully submitted, and they are given an opportunity to provide feedback about the online application process. In addition, they will receive an email thanking them for submitting their application.

*Note: The "Thank You" email can be customized in Property Settings >> Application/Screening.