*Note:If, while following the instructions, the user finds that they do not see the options that are provided in the instructions, then it may be an indicator that they do not have user privileges that allow them to access or change that information. They will need to reach out to upper management(Regional Manager/ Company Admin) for assistance.  

Below, you will find information related to each of the eight options found under the Tools menu. 

*TIP: To get back to your Home Screen, simply click on the "Resident IQ" located in the upper right corner of the page. When you hover on it, it will show the "Go to home" message.

PropertiesLists all the properties associated with the company, along with the account each property is associated with, and how many units each property has. 

Users: Lists each user within the account - providing their name, login, user class, and the property/properties they are associated with. You will not be able to use user information for individuals with an assigned user class that is greater than your own. This is also where you go to add a new user.

When you select a user,  additional information will appear on the right side of the screen. You will see:
1) The user's email address. 
2) Each account the user has access to. 
3) The date/time they last logged in. 
4) The "History" of user actions.

There will also be a menu that allows you to edit the user's information, delete the user, send a welcome email to the user with/without a password, and manage the user's notification settings. For more details on each of the menu options, please go to, Editing User Information & Notification Settings.

User Privileges: Displays user privileges by "user class".  

New Property: This is where companies go to add new homes/properties. There is an option to add the home/property to an existing account or create a new account that it will be listed under.  

Company Application/Criteria: If ALL properties under the account have the same rental criteria (*required) and/or additional forms for the application, then you can upload the criteria and/or forms here. This makes the information readily available for all properties and alleviated the need to upload the criteria/forms for each property separately. There is also where you will go to view/print the Custom Criteria Report. 

*Tip: If the properties have different criteria or forms, then you will need to go to Property Settings > Application/Screening to upload the Rental Criteria for each property.

Company Prospect Settings: Allows the user to add different traffic sources for their Prospect Guest Cards. 

Online App Unit Availability: This is where you list units that will be coming available, to allow them to appear as a unit that an applicant can apply for. You will be required to enter the start date and end date. The "start date" does not have to be the date the unit will be 'move-in ready'. If you are pre-leasing, then the start date is the date that the unit will appear online. The end date will be the date when the unit will no longer be listed. This date can be changed at any time. There are two ways to set the unit availability. 

1) If you are only entering one unit, or you are entering units that have different start/end dates, then you can enter information for each individual unit. You simply find the appropriate unit, enter the start/end date and time, then Save the information. 

2) If you have multiple units that have the same start date and/or end date, then you can select the box next to each appropriate unit, enter the start and/or end date/time, then click "Apply to All Selected". The date and time information should populate into each of the selected units. Once you have confirmed that everything is correct, then Save. 

*NoteYou will want to double-check the settings at Property Settings >> Application/Screening >> Online Rental Application - Units. Once there, if the settings are set to "Show All Units", then the Unit Availability above will not be relevant.