To have access to the screening results in Tenant Tech, you must be using a screening service that is integrated with our product.

1. If you already know that you use a screening service that is integrated with Tenant Tech, then please move on to number 2.

  1. If you are unsure, then you can check by going to “Account Settings” (or) “Property Settings” at the top of your page. From the list of options that appear on the right, scroll down, and select “Applications/Screening”.  
  2. If the screening company has an asterisk * next to it, then it is integrated. If it does not have the asterisk, then the screening company used does not communicate directly with Tenant Tech, and we are unable to provide a copy of the screening results.

2. If your property requires all applicants to meet a specific rent: income ratio, then that may be the reason you are not seeing the report. (*Note: This feature is currently only available to properties using Western Reporting as their background screening service. If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Tenant Tech support by email at or by phone at 503-233-2125)

  1. At the top of the page, go to Residents and select Applicants from the menu.      OR      
  2. Locate the applicant and click on their name. Once selected, in the upper right corner you will see the applicant’s name, the rent quoted for the unit, and the monthly income followed by the Income:Rent ratio. If you see the word "Fail" next to the ratio, that means that the income entered on the application did not meet the required rent/income ratio for that unit. This may cause a denial based on the income alone, without processing and generating a screening report.

3. To confirm that the application was denied due to the income provided on the application, scroll further down the page to the “History” section. This is where you will find notes that tell you what has happened during the application/screening process. Look for the following entries: 


4. If you see either of those messages in the History, and there are no changes noted after the denial, then the applicant was denied base based solely on their inability to meet income requirements, based on the income provided on their application.  Because the screening was never processed, there is no report to review. 

*Note: If you have already received income verification and have confirmed that the applicant made an error when entering their income, then you may contact customer support for assistance in updating the information (1-800-535-4701).