1. Go to the "Residents" section. 


2. Select the appropriate unit, and you will see the resident information on the right side of the screen. The "residents" will be listed there. Locate the "resident" and click on the icon of a person with a pencil, located to the left of their name. 

3. A new window will appear, allowing you to edit each resident's information. At the boccom of the window is an option to "Convert to Co-signer/Minor/Other". Click on it. 

4. Another new window will appear with an option to convert the resident to a " Minor", a "Non-Lease Signing Adults" (such as a child that has turned 18yrs old), or a "Guarantor/Co-Signer" (this person will not reside in the unit). Select the appropertiate option.

5. Once you have selected the apptoperiate option, be sure the save the infomraiton by clicking on the "Convert" button in lower right corner. 

6. After clicking "Convert", you should see the resident & their converted status at the bottom of the page, and when you go back to the "Residents" section and select the unit, you should see the "Co-Signer" listed under the "Resident" for the unit.