Important Note: It is important to keep in mind your company may have a policy that differs from these instructions. This is not legal advice.

Before you get started:

Go to your Property Settings >> Depreciation to confirm that your settings are correct. If your property is in Portland, OR, be sure t select "Use Portland Housing Bureau Depreciation Schedule"  and save your selection.

Now that you have confirmed your depreciation settings. We can get started. 

Step 1 -  Go to Residents >> Units >> Select Unit >> Unit Inventory  


Step 2 - Add items: 

Complete the fields for the item, then save the information. 

   **Tips & reminders for entering unit inventory items: 

A) If you plan to use this in Portland for the Unit Inventory Report Packet, you must enter Location, Description, Make, Model, Serial Number, Quantity, Original Purchase Price, Original Purchase Date. The Portland Housing Bureau depreciation schedule calculates based on the original purchase price & date. NOT the service date.  Do not use “Other Items” for Description. These are not tied to the PHB depreciation calculation. 

B) You can duplicate inventory into other units to save time! 

C) For properties outside of Portland, if you prefer, you can override the property depreciation setting and enter the expected service life.  

D) There is a shortcut to Reports Section: 

E) Editing and Existing Item: 

F) Common Mistake: Don't forget the Original Purchase Price and Date!

Step 3- Generate a Report

Once you’ve added inventory items to the unit(s), you can generate a Unit Inventory Report by using the shortcut while in the Add Inventory window (previously shown) OR by going to Reports >> Property/Unit Reports: Unit Inventory.  


 A) Choose or remove fields in the Available Fields & Selected Fields section.

B) Select "All Units" or specific units. 

C) Save, Export, or Print

*If you are seeing negative values or “N/A”, go back to the unit inventory to check the item is entered correctly.   


Forms that utilize the Unit Inventory:

  • M078 Appliance Addendum 
  • REPORT-001-PK Unit Inventory REPORT + Depreciation (Portland)  
            Packet includes: 
            REPORT-001 Unit Inventory Report 
            PHB30.01.087.c1 Depreciation Schedule 
NOTE- Step 3: "Generate a Report" is NOT a required step to use these forms.

M078 Appliance Addendum

REPORT-001 Unit Inventory Report + Depreciation (Portland)

After selecting REPORT-001-PK, select the option to "Edit Forms" 

And immediately move on to "View Forms"