*Note: If, while following the instructions, you find that you do not see the options that are detailed below, then this may be an indicator that you do not have the user privileges required to access this setting. You will need to reach out to upper management for assistance.

1) To access "Listings", you will first need to ensure that the function has been activated for the account. 

     To do this you will need to:

    A) Go to Tools >> Accounts. 

    B) Search for and click on the account, then select "Edit Additional Details"

C) A new page will pop up. Find and click the box next to "Listings (Paid)" and save the changes. After saving, refresh your page before proceeding to the next step. 

2) Go to Residents >> Listings

3) Select the "Add Listing" option located on the right side of the page OR from the "Listing Actions" drop-down menu.

4) Select the unit you are creating the listing for, highlighting it yellow. Click on "Continue". 

5) Enter the listing data, and select the appropriate amenities, then click on "Continue".  

    *Helpful Tip:

    A)  If the listing has an identical unit, then you can "Copy Info from Another Listing".

B) Select the listing to copy, and the information, including amenities, will automatically populate into the listing you are creating.

6) You may now upload any photos that you would like attached to the listing, then "Continue". 

7) There will be a message letting you know that the listing has been created and giving you the option to "preview it now". 

8) You have the option to share the listing on social media platforms from the listing or from the menu. Sharing from the menu allows you to share via email as well.