TenantTech provides you with many time-saving property management features. Many of these features can be customized to meet your specific business needs. To accomplish this, we need to spend some time configuring your TenantTech settings and this document provides instructions for the first step of that process.

You (the Company Admin) should have received your login credentials and have successfully gained access to the system. The settings that are highlighted in this document typically require some internal discussions with your team. Please follow these instructions to make the selections that best meet your business needs.

Account Settings

Account Settings: 

*Important Notes

Only accounts with multiple properties will have the Accounts Settings option, along with the
Property Settings options for each individual property within the account. Single property accounts will ONLY have the Property Settings option.


*Adjustments made/ information entered under the “Account Settings” will update the information for ALL properties within the account. Adjustments made/ information entered under the “Property Settings” will update information for that property only. 

To access, please click Account Settings in the top menu, next to your username. 

Once you have accessed the Account Settings, you will see Miscellaneous and Application/Screening setting options on the left side of the page.

Below, you will find more information about what settings are managed in each section listed in the bullet points above.


OWNERS: This allows you to see all the owners at all the properties in your account, and add, edit, or remove them from the entire account. To link owners with specific properties, go to Residents >> Property Settings >> Owners.


ORDER OF FORMS: This allows you to customize what order the forms will print for ALL properties associated with the account.  



PROSPECTS: This is where you can add different traffic sources for your Prospect Guest Cards. To update, go to Account Settings (or) Property Settings >> Prospects.


UNIT INVENTORY: Create custom items to show as an option in Unit Inventory (Residents >> Properties/Units >> Select Unit >> Unit Inventory) 


  • Input integration codes, if applicable (ie- Rent Manager, ResMan, Yardi).  
  • Set Timezone
  • Mailbox Number: Set mailbox to unit or resident specific. The mailbox # shows in some forms (ie. M001 Rental Agreement).


FORMS: You have the option to choose either the Account Name or the Property Name to appear on forms and documents. You also have the separate option to choose what name will appear in the electronic signature for emails. You can choose to use from the Account Name, Company Name, or Property name.


APPLICATION/SCREENING: This is where you set the screening company that you use (only companies with a * are integrated with TenantTech.). There are also settings that determine what units an applicant can see when they visit the online application page for the properties associated with the account.  At the bottom of the page, you will see the option to show the address associated with Property Marketing Name rather than property addresses on the generic Account page that lists all properties with vacancies. If you would like to enter or edit the Marketing Name, you can change that at Tools>>Properties >> Edit Additional Details.


REMINDERS: This allows you to set up account-level notifications (lease expirations, move-in follow-up, minor turning 18, etc). However, in order for these settings to be effective, users must set up their preferences for reminders and notifications in the My Account section >> Notifications.