*NOTE: Be sure that ALL move-out forms and documents are complete BEFORE going through this process. Once you have completed the process to remove a resident from a unit, you will no longer be able to generate forms/docs for them. 

When a resident is leaving a unit you can begin the "Move Out" process from the Residents section or from your Dashboard.  

Access From Dashboard:

A)To move someone out of a unit, click on the Move Out Resident quick link that is located on your dashboard.

B) You will see a pop-up window that asks you to select the appropriate property or unit, depending on what type of account you have (single property or multi-property).

Single property accounts will be asked to select the unit that the resident will be vacating, then click Continue.


        Multi-property accounts will be asked to select the property that the resident will be vacating.          followed by the unit within that property, then click Continue.                                                   

C) If there is more than one resident within the unit, then you will be asked to select the resident(s) that are moving out.

    D) You may now move on to Move Out - step 1, below.


Access From Residents: 


    A) Go to Residents >> Residents

    B) Select the appropriate unit, and select "Move Out" from the menu on the right. 

    C) You may now move on to the Move Out - step 1, below. 

Moving Out:

    1)  Select the radio button for the move-out option that suits your needs, then click Continue.

*Note: If you select the option to remove the resident on a future date, then you will receive a pop-up reminder message (as seen below) when you log into your account. 


2)  Sometimes, a resident will have already vacated the unit by the time the move-out process is completed. For this reason, you will be asked to enter the date the resident actually moved out of the unit, then click Continue

3)  The confirmation page allows you to review the name of the resident(s) you are removing, and the unit they are vacating, and it reminds you to be sure that you have already completed all the necessary Move Out forms. Once a resident is moved out, you are no longer able to generate forms for them. If you are ready, then select Remove

*Tip: Go to the Resident History Page to create resident references, or if you need to access information related to the resident at a later date.

*Note: To edit or create a document AFTER a resident has been removed, the resident will need to be "restored" before you will be able to generate the form. To restore them, go to Resident History, click on their name, and select "Restore Resident". 

4) You should now see the "Success" message, as shown below. The unit will now appear as "vacant", and you will have the opportunity to select the date when the unit will be available to rent.