The Resident History search feature helps locate information for current AND previous residents.

Quick Note/Directions:

 Residents >> Resident History >> Search by name or unit number >> Select menu option - Document History



Advanced Search Features


Using the advanced search features can help you locate a current/previous resident by name, move-in date, move out date, unit, and resident status.


If you are using a multi-property account, this will also allow you to search for deleted properties. 

After selecting a resident from the search list, the system will provide menu options for the resident profile on the right panel. The menu options include:


  • View Full History- This is resident-specific and will expand on the notes listed under the menu options. 
  • Resident Reference- If your team provides resident references, this allows you to generate them after they move out of the unit listed on your account. 
  • View Document History- Allows you to view all documents generated before the resident was moved out. 
  • Switch to Unit History- This will allow you to view the unit history, including previous move-ins/outs and pending move-ins. 
  • Notes/Attachments- Will allow you to view all notes and attachments that were listed on the resident account. You can also add documents to this area if you need to add additional information after the move-out. 
  • Edit Move-In/Out Dates- Allows you to modify the move-in date or the move-out date for the resident.
  • Resident Details- This is a quick view of the resident contact information, emergency contact information, vehicle, and insurance details.