The application PDF contents are edited at a property level by the user. For example, if the manager doesn't have the owner/agent, unit, screening charge, or any other box checked-off and saved under Edit Forms, then it won't show up in the PDF--- which is what the applicant applies their signature to online and what shows when printed. 

  Instructions for OR/WA Application

Relevant to Multifamily NW Application forms: 

  • M002 Rental Application & Criteria (Not Portland) (OR)
  • M502 Rental Application & Criteria - Standard Financially Responsible (Portland)
  • M503 Rental Application & Criteria - Standard Non-Financially Responsible (Portland) 

Quick Instructions:

The PDF application contents are set per property, per application/form# by selectinga unit >> Forms & Docs >>Select form >> Edit.

This PDF application will be presented to the applicant online when they get to the signature process. Once the application has been submitted, it can be viewed in Residents >> Applications >> Print Application PDF.

Step-by-Step Instructions: 

1) Go to the Residents section under the Residents tab, and select a resident. The selected resident row will turn yellow.

Graphical user interface, text, application

Description automatically generated OR Graphical user interface, application

Description automatically generated

2) While the resident is selected, go to the Forms & Docs tab >> Print for a Single Unit

3) Select the Rental Application. This will either be Form# M002M502or M503 (depending on the property location). Then Select "Edit Forms".

4Use the checkboxes to select de-select the options you want to be reflected in the PDF. The appearance of this screen may vary, depending on which application form is being used.


*TIP:  The selections made here will be set for the property, NOT for each unit. For this reason, it is suggested to omit unit-specific information, such as unit#, unit rent, etc. This will allow the PDF to apply to all the units within the property, rather than only one unit, which would require continuous updates. 

*Note: Some of the options are pulling information from the Property Settings and Unit Detail. For example, you will see that you can select the box next to "property name", but you are unable to type the name on the Edit screen. This is because the property name will be populated from the information in the Property Settings.  

5) Once you have checked/unchecked the desired boxes, click "View Forms" located at the top of the page. You will then see the PDF application. The settings will then be saved, and you can verify the information is correct. If not, simply go back to "Edit "Forms" to update. 

*Note: If information is missing, double-check that specific box is selected by going back to "Edit Forms". If the information is showing incorrectly, you may need to reach out to your Portfolio Manager who has user privilege levels to edit Property Settings and Unit Details

Now that you have completed the steps, for reference, here are examples of where the PDF is viewed (other than in Forms & Docs)

A) When a prospect applies via the online application, you can click on the "Print Application PDF". (Go to Residents >> Applicants to access the screen shown below).

**NOTE: If you make changes to the PDF with the instructions provided above, those changes will only be seen here if those changes are made BEFORE the applicant started the online application process.

B) When the applicant is on the signature page of the online application, they will also see the PDF version.