*Note: If, while following the instructions, you find that you do not see the options that are provided in the instructions, then this may be an indicator that you do not have user privileges that allow you to access or change that information. You will need to reach out to upper management for assistance. 

There are a couple of reasons that this might happen. 

1) The "Lease Term Calculations" (found in Property Settings >> Rental Agreement) are set in a way that will not allow the lease term that you are trying to create. You can find more information on these settings in the article, Managing your "Rental Agreement" settings within the Property Settings.

This setting determines how rental/lease terms are calculated. For instance, for a 1-year lease beginning April 20, 2019, should the lease expire on April 20, 2020, on March 31, 2020, or one of the other options for Lease Term Calculations? Select the appropriate radio button to choose the appropriate option for the property.

2) The lease you are trying to create does not meet the minimum/maximum lease terms as specified in the Lease Planning Settings (found in Property Settings >> Lease Planning). You can find more information on these settings in the article, Managing your "Lease Planning" Settings.

This setting set limits on the number of leases that can expire within a given month as well as limit the number of Month-to-Month tenancies the property will allow.