The "Adverse Action" and "Notice of Denial" buttons have been replaced with an "Issue Applicant Notice" button. 

*Note: This is only applicable if you have these forms available to your state and property. 

Please see the instructions below. After completing the process, you can download the final PDF to send to the applicant. 

1) Make sure you are in the Applicant section. Click on the "Issue Applicant Notice" found at the bottom of the menu to the right of the page. Select the applicant the notice is for. 

2) Now you can select which Applicant Notice forms you would like to generate and sign. Only applicant notice type forms available to your property will appear as options. 

3) After selecting the notice(s) and clicking "Continue", you can edit accordingly. Then click on "Next" or "View Forms". 

4) Now, you will be able to see the notice as a PDF. If everything is correct, then click "Sign Electronically" to apply your signature to the notice.