*Important Note*: These instructions only pertain to new accounts with multiple properties that do not have a rent-roll to import their property data. 

When initially setting up your new account, you must first add buildings that TenantTech Support will then convert to properties. If your buildings/properties have not been set up, then you will see something like this when you go to Residents >> Properties/Units. You are starting with a blank slate. You cannot add units until AFTER the properties have been set up.

Creating a Building/Property:

1) Go to your Dashboard and select "Add or Remove Building".

2) A Window will appear, allowing you to add the property name & physical address. Once you have entered the information, be sure to check it for accuracy, then click the "Add" button.

3) Another window will automatically appear, allowing you able to add other buildings/properties.

As you add the buildings, you will immediately see them appear on the list toward the bottom of the window. Once you have entered your buildings, simply close the window. 

*IMPORTANTAt this time, you will need to send an email to support@tenanttech.com requesting to convert your buildings into properties. 

4) After Tenant Tech staff has converted the buildings into properties, you may now go to Residents >> Properties/Units to add units for each property as well as access their Property Settings

*NOTEThe system will automatically create a property that matches the identity of the account, as shown in the image below. This property can be deleted by clicking on "Click here to delete this property", leaving only the properties that will be managed.