TenantTech Online Rental Application Credit Card Payments via Aptexx 

The Aptexx integration allows for application fees to be collected and settled within TenantTech. Aptexx is a sophisticated payments processing company that works closely with TenantTech and shares the same parent company, InhabitIQ. 


Aptexx Integration Overview


Setup Fee: NONE 

There is no setup fee to use payments through our online rental application system if you are already a client. Per-Transaction Fee: $4.95 This fee is always paid by the applicant in addition to your base application/screening fee that you set in TenantTech. This fee is roughly split between Aptexx and TenantTech. If you do not have payments turned on, we do not charge anything. Example 1: You set the application/screening fee at $40 (Property Settings > Application/Screening). The applicant sees and pays $44.95. Example 2: If you want a round number, set your application/screening fee to a number ending in $0.05. So put in $45.05 and the applicant will see and pay $50.00. You can charge whatever screening fee you wish; these amounts are just examples.

How it works 

When the applicant gets to the end of the TenantTech Online Rental Application process, after filling out and signing the application, they are presented with a standard-looking screen to enter their credit card information. The screening charge is whatever you have entered in TenantTech under Property Settings > Application/Screening, or under Account Settings > Application/Screening (if you have an Account with many properties inside it). Once they enter the credit card info, there is a final confirmation page and then they submit. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover, and American Express. Debit cards are accepted. 

The credit card information is sent to Aptexx. Aptexx will deposit funds into your designated bank account. 

The applicant’s credit card is not charged immediately; instead, Aptexx gives us a secure code representing the card information for the amount in question. The application comes into TenantTech as usual, except now it brings along payment information. The on-site manager can either: a) settle the credit card charge directly by clicking a “Settle now” button; or, b) settle the credit card charge as part of the “Send to screening” process. By sending to screening, the user will automatically settle the card. (“Send to screening” is available for those properties using one of the screening integrations: ResidentIQ/ Western Reporting, Background Investigations, Bemrose Consulting, ACRAnet, Pacific Screening, etc...).  For companies using a different screening company, the “Settle now” option would be required. 

If the manager never clicks "Send to Screening" or "Settle Now", then the applicant is never charged. In this way, only a direct, conscious action by the on-site manager will ever result in a real credit card charge to the applicant. This methodology also helps prevent such situations as two applicants being charged when they both applied for the same unit, an applicant being charged when the unit they want is no longer available, etc. 

Once a payment has been settled, there is the option and capability to refund the applicant from within TenantTech. The refund button will appear where the "settle payment" button was located (prior to payment settlement). When you select "refund payment", an iframe will appear with options to either refund the application fee amount only (not the $4.95 processing fee), or the entire amount (application fee + $4.95 processing fee). If you choose to refund the entire amount that was charged to the applicant, then the $4.95 processing fee will be charged to the same bank account you have set up with Aptexx for receiving payments. 


TenantTech does not store credit card numbers or any other credit card information, only a randomized “token” that allows us to charge the card with Aptexx. Therefore, it is impossible for the on-site manager or any other user, or any employee of Tenant Technologies, to ever see the credit card number entered by the applicant. Aptexx maintains the highest standards of security. 


The screening/application fee is deposited into the property’s designated bank account within 2-3 business days following settlement of the charge. The deposit will show on your designated bank account as "Tenant Technologies". 

It’s very important to note that Tenant Technologies does not process or hold in escrow any of the applicant’s or property’s money, and that Tenant Technologies is not responsible for disbursing it to the property’s bank account. This is all handled by Aptexx through their back-end systems. 

We provide a convenient report on the Applicants page where you can see all applicants, what they were charged, and whether their payments have been settled. To access our report in TenantTech: go to the Residents tab; select Applicants; click the Applicants Actions menu; select Application Summary. Once there, you will have several options for viewing/filtering the applicants you see. 

For additional reports and real-time processing information, you can log into the Aptexx system and see all transactions. With your Aptexx login, you can also subscribe to emails for daily transaction summary, payment receipts, chargeback risk, deposit detail, etc...  

You will still be responsible for paying your screening company using whatever method you currently employ to do that.


Register for Aptexx from within TenantTech

Some companies choose to use the same Aptexx account for all TenantTech accounts/ properties. Most companies prefer to register each TenantTech account/property with its own Aptexx account. If you have more than one property in your TenantTech account, there is the option to have separate Aptexx accounts at the property level.

Important Note

Please review the registration information below before beginning the Aptexx registration. Once you start, you must fully complete and submit the registration in one session. Please do NOT exit out. If you close the iframe at any time during the process or abandon it, you will not be able to access the registration link for that property again. That will also interrupt the integration, requiring a more manual set up on our end and possibly slowing down the turnaround time. If this happens, you will need to reach out to TenantTech support and request we send you a special URL from the database in order to start over. 

Where to Register

In TenantTech, go to the account you want to register with Aptexx. Under Residents >> Applicants section, you will see the sign-up link for Aptexx. 

** For ResidentIQ Online Applications customers, you will find this on your home page/ Applicant area.

If your company has never registered a TenantTech account with Aptexx, you will see this option:

If you've already registered some accounts with Aptexx, you will see the option to register another account:

Preview the Registration

Review the information you will need to be prepared for completing your registration.

Step 1: Sign Up Company (or select TenantTech Account) 

The first time you register a property/account with Aptexx, this first step will require you to input company information. The application/screening fee and settlement timing is specific to the TenantTech account you are registering first. 

If this is not your first time registering an account, you will see a drop-down down menu to select which TenantTech account to associate with your Aptexx registration:

Step 2: Add Account under Company 

This information is specific to the property you are registering. If you are using the same company or owner bank account and information for all of your accounts/properties in TenantTech, then you can fill this out specific to company/owner. 

Annual Transaction Information 

The transaction information can be estimated, as it just provides Aptexx with an idea transaction volume to anticipate.

Bank information

Beneficial Owners

Include individuals who own 25% or more of the equity interests (for the property you are registering). 

Terms & Conditions + Signature


When you see this message, it is safe to close out of the iframe. 


What happens next?

To help avoid delays due to EIN, bank account or other common issues, you are encouraged to upload a W9 and voided check using this link https://vantagecard.leapfile.net with support@vantagecard.com as the email recipient. This information can also be sent directly via email to support@vantagecard.com or by FAX 1(770)928-9328. 

If there are any issues with your registration or Aptexx needs additional info, TenantTech will reach out to you directly. If your Aptexx account is approved without issue, you can expect set up completion within 1 business day. 

For questions about the registration and set up process, please reach out to TenantTech at support@tenanttech.com..

Taking Payments in TenantTech

Set Application Fee

Set your application/screening fee in Property Settings >> Application/Screening: Screening Charges. There will be a $4.95 payment processing fee added to the amount you indicate here. 

Applicant View


These are the sections where the applicant will see the application fee amount in the online application. For a full view of the online application experience for applicants, check out this article here.

Notes & Fees section and Welcome message 

Application Fee displays again on the Authorize Credit and Background Check signing page. 

Settle the Payment

If your account is set to "Manual Settlement/ Upon Sending to Screening", then the application fee will not be settled until you manually click "settle payment" when selected on the applicant, or until you send the applicant to screening. 

If your account is set to "Automatic" settlement, then the application fee will settle as soon as the applicant submits their application. 


You can refund application fees within TenantTech by selecting the applicant and using the Refund Payment button. 

Important Reminders

  • The option to NOT include the payment processing fee on the Welcome Screen and Notes & Fees section only applies to that first screen. The applicant will still be informed of the total amount (application fee + $4.95 processing fee) on the final signature and payment screen. Note, you can also customize welcome message.
  • The application fee amount is set at a property level. If you have more than one property in your TenantTech account, you need to set those individually, or use "Apply to other properties" next to the save button. If you use "Apply to other properties", this will apply ALL settings from the Application/Screening section. It does not isolate to the application fee. 
  • Applicants will not be charged an application fee if they started or submitted their application prior to the Aptexx set up completion and app/screening fee set in property settings. 
  • The application/screening fee you are collecting from the applicants via TenantTech is deposited into the bank account associated with your Aptexx account. The application fee settled does NOT get sent directly to your screening provider. This is completely separate from your screening provider. 

For a comprehensive guide to TenantTech Property settings, click here.

ResidentIQ Online Application ONLY (RIQ OLA) users, click here for more on managing settings

Inside Aptexx

The Aptexx integration is designed to make it simple for you to manage application payments without leaving the TenantTech interface. We do still provide you with the option to login to Aptexx directly for the ability to search transactions and deposits, or to subscribe to emailed reports, receipts, etc... 

Aptexx User Login

TenantTech will create an Aptexx user login for you based off the email used in your Aptexx registration. Please let TenantTech know if you would like a different contact or additional email addresses/ users setup in Aptexx. 

User Access

Once TenantTech has set up your user account, you will receive an email with the subject line "User Login" from noreply@aptx.com. Aptexx (aptx.cm) 

Manage Email Subscriptions

Once logged into Aptexx, you can click on your name in the top right corner to modify your subscriptions. There is an option to bulk apply your subscriptions to other Aptexx accounts/ TenantTech Properties. 

Transaction History

Aptexx- Transaction History (Vimeo)


Aptexx- Deposits (Vimeo)

Dispute Chargeback Risk

Aptexx- How to Dispute a Chargeback

FAQ's & Customer Support

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