**IMPORTANT NOTE: Integration is compatible with Yardi Voyager only.


The integration between Yardi and TenantTech allows for data to connect between the two systems, minimizing double-entry between systems (see related article: Yardi - Fields/Information Yardi shares with TT). When setting up the initial integration, there are setting options that TenantTech can set for the company. These are the company-level integration setting options that a TenantTech representative can set for you: 

  • Show real-time unit availability through the online application
  • Automatically send all e-signed documents to Yardi
  • Automatically send all applicants to Yardi (applies to applications entered via TenantTech)
  • Automatically pull all applicants from Yardi (applies to applications entered via Yardi)
  • Automatically move-in residents added in Yardi
  • Automatically move out residents when moved out in Yardi
  • Auto synchronization duration (choose sync Yardi and TenantTech systems anywhere from every 30 minutes to every 24 hours)

*NOTE: Because these are company-level settings, these settings will impact ALL accounts listed under the management company. Any differences in unit number or resident name will result in duplication of units in TenantTech.

Yardi vs. TenantTech Terminology:

The chart below captures a few key differences in Yardi and TenantTech terminology. 

ProspectApplicant - with "Still Applying" status
Applicant - completed, signed, and submitted applicationApplicant
Future ResidentIncoming Resident


                  *Not using the Applicants module? You can skip to: 


    To get to the Applicant section of TenantTech, go to Residents >>Applicants.

There are a few different ways that TenantTech could receive applicant information. As described at the beginning of this article, there are company-level settings that determine if TenantTech applicants are posted to Yardi and/or if TenantTech pulls applicants from Yardi. 


        1. An applicant completes the TenantTech Online Application. (See related article(s): Online Application.)

  • Once an applicant starts TenantTech's Online Application, they will appear as a Prospect in Yardi, even if the application has not been completed yet.
  • If you are using the Live Unit Availability option, then the applicant will be able to select the unit in the TenantTech online application, based on Yardi's unit availability.
  • Note: Attachments uploaded by an applicant will also be available in Yardi. 

    2. The prospect information is entered into Yardi and automatically flows to TenantTech as an Applicant.

  • Once the Yardi prospect appears in TenantTech's Applicant module, you have the option to send the TenantTech application link to the prospective applicant. To do so, simply select the appropriate applicant (they will be highlighted yellow when selected) and click on the Send Email Application option from the menu that will appear on the right.

        3. Using the Create New Applicant option in Tenant Tech. 

  • Use the Create New Applicant option located on the top right section of the Applicants module. 

*TIP: The Applicant History will indicate where the application originated from.

  • Yardi
  • TenantTech online application
  • Created manually in TenantTech).

*Important Note: When an applicant is moved from 'applicant' to 'resident' in TenantTech, that information DOES NOT convert them in Yardi and vice versa. The move-in needs to be finalized separately.  

In TenantTech, you can move an applicant into a unit by clicking move into unitOnce the applicant is moved into a unit, they will appear in the Residents section. Their application information is still available in the Applicants section, but it will be hidden. Locate the applicant by checking the Show Hidden Applicants option. 



    The TenantTech Residents section can be found under the Residents tab >>Residents.

        For those NOT using the TenantTech Online Application Feature: 

    Steps to import residents from Yardi:

1. From the Residents section, select the appropriate unit that the resident will occupy, then select the Yardi Import option located on the menu that appears on the right side of the page. If the unit is currently occupied, then the resident will be imported as "Incoming".

2. Next, you will be prompted to select the resident from the menu previewing your Yardi data

3. Select to import resident(s) as Current or Incoming, and check the box to save the Yardi connection for future electronically signed documents to post to Yardi

*Tip: By saving the connection, all future SIGNED documents for the unit will automatically attach to this resident in Yardi until they are moved out. If you do not save the connection, then you will be required to select the appropriate resident each time after the e-signing process is complete.

    4. Click Import Info Now, to complete the import. 

Forms & Docs:

If the connection is saved, then the Documents generated in TenantTech will automatically be posted in Yardi, but ONLY after ALL necessary signatures are complete. Otherwise, the document will only be available in TenantTech. 

There is a manual Send to Yardi option if you have a situation where you need to post generated forms to Yardi that have not been signed or are only partially signed, as shown in the *Note under step 11 below.

Generating Documents

            1. From the Residents section in TenantTech, select the resident.

            2. Click on Forms & Docs and select the Print for Single Unit option. 

            3. Select the appropriate form(s) by clicking the box next to the form number, then click Edit Forms

4. Enter any necessary information on the form and click Next.

            5. Click on the Sign Electronically option located in the upper right, just under the search bar.

            6. Confirm the names of all signers, including the owner/agent, then click on Sign by Sending Email. 

            7. The resident(s) get the email and complete their signature(s).

            8. Owner/Agent signs 

      9. From your dashboard, you can easily see when a document is ready for your signature. Click on the document to begin signing.

            10. Select your signature and sign.

11. After confirming and finalizing the signatures, the signed forms will either post to Yardi automatically (if the connection had been saved before), or you will be asked to select "Send to Yardi" and find the matching resident with the Unit ID drop-down menu (as mentioned here). Save the connection to avoid this step in the future.

*Tip: You will know that you have successfully completed signing (step 10 above) when you briefly see a green box with a white check mark in it, immediately followed by this confirmation message. 

            *NOTE: Sending Blank Forms/Documents to Yardi

After selecting the form(s) you will be using (see steps 2 and 3 above), you will need to click on the box next to the Print Selected Forms for an Emergency, then click on Edit Forms.

Then, instead of entering information into the document, you just select the Send to Yardi option found in the upper right corner of the document. 


    Document History

The Document History allows you to view the documents that have been created for the occupants of a unit during their residency, as well as the document's details. 

To get to the document history, go to the Residents tab along the top of the page, select Residents from the drop-down menu, select the resident/unit, and click on Document History located within the options listed on the right side of the page. (Residents Tab >> Residents >> Select resident/unit>>click Document History)


            When viewing the document history, you immediately will be able to see:

                    1. The title of the document.

                    2. When it was created and who created it.

                    3. When the document was sent for signing.

                    4. If or when signing is completed.

                    5. When the document was attached in Yardi and what resident/unit it was attached to. 

If you do not see a document in Yardi, then you can manually send it by clicking on the Send to Yardi option.