Thank you for your interest in TenantTech. 

Please review this guide before starting the registration. 

Preparing for Registration

Who should submit the registration? 

Determine who at your company will complete the registration and initial set up. We will create a Company Admin user for the contact noted in the registration. The Company Admin user is the highest user permission level and will be responsible for creating additional users for the company. 

Do I register once as a company or register each single property? 

Identify if you need or prefer more than one TenantTech account under your company. 

What to Know About Accounts:

  • A company can have one or more accounts that holds the properties. 
  • Properties in an account must be located in the same state. If your company operates in more than one state, you will need separate accounts for each state. 
  • The one-time set-up fees are charged per account, not property.
  • The monthly minimum billing is per account, not property.
  • Some companies prefer to have an individual account for each property. 
  • Users are assigned access by account and company level. If you choose to put more than 1 property into an account, you cannot restrict a user's access to properties within that account.  
  • There are account, property, and unit level online application URLs. No singular company level URL. 
  • Screening companies are set at the account level, not property. 

Here are examples of various ways companies choose to structure their accounts:

One Account for Entire Company2+ Accounts: Properties Grouped by State2+ Accounts: Each Property as Its Own Account2+ Accounts: Each Multifamily Property as Its Own Account + All SF & 'Plexes Together in 1 Account
All properties in 1 account1 account for each state1 account for each property1 account for each multifamily property + 1 account to combine all SF & 'plexes into (if in same state). 
Submit one registration form. (Select "Single Family" for registration type)Submit a registration for each state
(Select "Single Family" for registration type) 
Submit a registration for each property
(Select "Apartment Community" for registration type)
Submit a "Apt Community" registration for each multifamily property, and 1 Single Family registration for the SF account.  
Account name recommendation: Company NameAccount name format recommendation: Company Name + StateAccount name format recommendation: Name of PropertyAccount name format recommendation: Name of Property (for individual property accounts). 
Company Name + "SF Portfolio" (for a multi-property account). 
All users under your company would have access to all properties in this accountOption to restrict user access by account (state) levelUsers can be assigned to 1 or more propertiesUsers can be assigned to 1 or more properties. Users cannot be restricted by individual property in the SF/multi-property account. 
Online Application URL for account in this case would appear as the company, with options for property level.Online Application URL for each state account with property level option.Online application URL for each property.Online application URL for each multi property account, and a URL for entire SF portfolio (with option for each property level URL).

Next Steps... 

For detailed instructions and a preview of the registration forms, check out this article: Step-by-Step Registration Guide

To jump ahead and get started with the registration: 

  • General new company with TenantTech: Click here to register 
  • New Companies also signed up to use Western Reporting Screening/ ResidentIQ integration: WRT/RIQ New Customers Register Here
  • Existing TenantTech customers can register new accounts within the system by going to Tools >> New Property (or New Portfolio).