Applicants experiencing issues logging into their online application due to an incorrect email address/password combination can choose to reset their password. See the steps below to help applicants recall a password reset for their pending application in TenantTech.   

1) Access the application page by going to the application URL provided by the property manager or the property website. Once there, select the option to 'Log In' or select the link 'I have already started or completed my application here and need to log in again.’

*Note: Applicants must use the correct web address/URL for the specific property they are applying for.

2) Select 'I forgot my password.'

3) Enter your email address and select ‘Continue.’ 

*Note: The email address entered here MUST be the same one entered when you started the application.

4) Once the information is entered, the system will generate and send an email to the applicant, allowing them to reset their password. The applicant will receive the following visual confirmation from the online application site.

*Troubleshooting tip:

If an applicant receives an error message, they should contact the property manager first, not Tenant Tech. The property manager can determine if the error message is something that they can help resolve (ie: the unit is no longer available, the application is old and the applicant needs to start a new one, etc.). If the property manager is unable to assist, then contact TenantTech Support.