If something is not appearing correctly on your Utility Bill-Back Addendum, then locate the number associated with that section on the form below, and find the corresponding number in the list located under the form for information and instructions. 

*Note: If, while following the instructions, you find that you do not see the options that are provided in the instructions, then this may be an indicator that you do not have user privileges that allow you to access or change that information. You will need to reach out to upper management for assistance. 

1) Property Name: This is the property name that was provided during the set-up process.  To change or update the information, please go to Updating the Property or Account Name?

2) Property Number: You may or may not have a Property Number. This is an internal number that some properties use for their own purposes and is NOT used or created by Tenant Tech. If you would like to add or change your Property Number, please go to How do I add or change my Property Number?

3) Resident Names: This information comes from the information listed in the "Residents" section. If it is incorrect, then you will want to check that the information in the "Resident" section is correct. If a co-signer name is appearing as a resident, then you may need to convert that person to a co-signer. To learn how to convert a "resident" to a "co-signer", please go to

How do I change someone from appearing as a "Resident" to appearing as a "Co-Signer"?

4) For the remaining sections: Dwelling Unit Charges, Common Area Charges, Flat Fee, Submeters, Formula, and the Billing Service & Address: 

    A) To manage these settings,  you will first need to go to Property Settings. The steps you take to get there will depend on whether you have a Multi-Property Account or a Single Property Account.


Single Property Accounts:

Select “Property Settings” toward the top of the screen.



        Multi-Property Accounts:

a. To get to Property Settings, go to the “Residents” section. You can either select the “Residents” toward the top of the page, then select the “Residents” option from the dropdown menu, OR you can Select the “Residents option toward the top of the page, then select the “Residents” option that will appear on the list of options on the left side of the page. 




b. Select the property that you would like to update. The selected property will turn a darker blue, and you will be able to click on the “Property Settings” option found on the right. 


B) Select the "Utilities" option at the bottom of the list of options on the right side of the page.

*Reminder: The settings and information provided in this section are ONLY for the Utility Bill-Back Addendum. These settings do not flow to the "Utilities" section of the Rental Agreement (Form M001 or M201). 

C) A new page will open, allowing you to select the appropriate radio button options for the "Dwelling Unit Charges" and the "Common Area Charges".  When you have selected an option, the radio button will turn blue. 

D) If any of the utilities have a Flat Fee,  then you will also need to select whether the flat fee is the same for all units, or does the flat fee vary depending on unit size

 *NOTE: If your flat fee will vary depending on the unit size, then the unit sizes will reflect whatever is set up under Residents >> Units. If the "BR/BA" section shows 0/0, then the unit information has not been completely set up and will not reflect correctly for the addendum. 

If you need to enter the unit info for a small number of units, then you can update them individually by selecting the unit, then going to "Edit this Unit". A new window will open, allowing you to provide the number of bedrooms and bathrooms for the unit. 

If you need to enter information for a large number of units or all units, then it may be easier to go to "Unit Actions"  and select the "Edit All Units" option. 

E) The "Billing Service" and "Address" also come from information that is saved under the Property Settings >> Utilities