A step-by-step guide through the online application process, from the applicant's view. If your property is in Oregonor Washington and you are having trouble with the PDF version of the online application, please go to the article on Editing the PDF Application (MFNW).

*NOTE: The various fields and pages may look different depending on the application and/or Company. 

1) Once the applicant has decided to apply, they will need to "Begin" their application, located to the bottom right. If they have already started an application, then they will need to Log In to the existing application to finish it. The "Log In" is located on the upper right side of the page. 

2) If your property requires a separate and specific application for co-signers, then the applicant will be prompted to identify if they will be living in the unit (requiring a Rental Application), or not living in the unit (requiring a Co-Signer Application). 

Immediately after making their selection, while remaining on the same page, the applicant will also be prompted to identify if they will be the ONLY adult living in the unit. If they are not the only adult in the unit, then they will be asked to identify if they will be financially responsible for the unit. After making their selections, they select "Next" to move forward. 

3) The applicant will read the Criteria for Residency, and click the box indicating that they have read, understand, and agree, then click "Next" to move on to the next step.

*NOTE: If the property has custom criteria, then then it will need to be uploaded in Property Settings >>Applications/Screening

4) They will be required to provide their email address and a password, to create an account for this specific application. They would use this email address and password to complete the application, in the event that they have to stop before it is complete. Sections with an asterisk (*) are required

Note: If the applicant needs to start a new application, or if more than one applicant uses the same email address, then they would need to create a unique password for each application that is submitted. They can use the same email address, but not the same password. 

5) Personal Information: The applicant enters their personal information, then selects "Next" at the bottom of the page.  

Note: On the left, they can see the different sections of the application process. The section they are currently working on will be a lighter blue. As they move through the application, they will also see a green circle with a white checkmark in the middle next to each completed section. 

6) Legal History: The applicant enters information related to their legal history (ie. criminal records, evictions/foreclosure, and bankruptcy). There is also an option to go "Back" to the previous page if there is information they forgot to enter or need to correct on a previous page.

7) ResidenceThe applicant enters their Resident History, then selects "Next" at the bottom of the page.  If the applicant is currently renting, or their most recent residence was a rental, then they will be prompted to enter the landlord's name and contact information as well. 

8) Employment & Financial: The applicant enters their employment and income information, the selects "Next". 

9) Contacts & References: The applicant has the opportunity to provide the name and information of someone that they would like contacted in the event of an emergency and/or death. 

10) Other Occupants: The applicant enters information for any other people that will be occupying the unit

11) Additional Info: They enter their vehicle and pet information, as well as identify if they have renter's insurance.

12) Notes & Attachments: This section allows the applicant to upload documents to be submitted with their application (income documentation, subsidized housing letters, support animal letters, etc.), and provides an opportunity for the applicant to add any additional notes that they would like to be reviewed with their application. 

13) Signature: Authorize Credit and Background Check & create their signature. 

They can now see the PDF/form application view, to review and make sure the fields they entered during the application process are showing correctly.  Then they apply their signature to the application & confirm. 



14) Payment: If the property has online application payments turned on (System Admins must do that) with an integrated payment processor (ie Aptexx), then the applicant will be asked to enter their Payment Information.

Then they will need to Confirm & Submit the application.

15) Once the application has been submitted, they will see a "Thank You" message and have the option to complete a brief one-question survey with an opportunity to write any feedback and/or suggestions about the application process. 

16) The applicant will also get a confirmation email sent from noreply@tenanttech.com.