If something is not appearing correctly on your rental agreement, locate the number associated with that section on the form below. Then find the corresponding number in the list located under the form for information and instructions. 

*Note: If, while following the instructions, you find that you do not see the options that are provided in the instructions, then this may be an indicator that you do not have user privileges that allow you to access or change that information. You will need to reach out to upper management for assistance. 

1) Property Name: This is the property name that was provided during the set-up process.  To change or update the information, please go to Updating the Property or Account Name?

2) Property Number: You may or may not have a Property Number. This is an internal number that some properties use for their own purposes and is NOT used or created by Tenant Tech. If you would like to add or change your Property Number, please go to How do I add or change my Property Number?

3) Resident: This information comes from the information listed in the "Residents" section. If it is incorrect, then you will want to check that the information in the "Resident" section is correct. If a co-signer name is appearing as a resident, then you may need to convert that person to a co-signer. To learn how to convert a "resident" to a "co-signer", please go to How do I change someone from appearing as a "Resident" to appearing as a "Co-Signer"?

4) Premises Address: Oftentimes, this will appear as the property address and unit number. However,  Multi-Property accounts also have the option to enter a custom address that may appear here. If you have a Multi-Property account and would like to enter a custom address or update an existing custom address, please go to How do I customize or edit the "Premises Address" for a property?

5) Email/Phone Number/ Other Method For Electronic Delivery of Actual Notices and Utility Bills:  This information is populated from the unit's information for the "Head of Household". If there is more than one resident in the unit, then you may need to change the "Head of Household" or edit the current Head of Household information. For instructions on how to do this, please go to How do I correct the "Email, Phone#, Other Method For Electronic Delivery..." section on a Rental Agreement?

6) Owner/Agent Name and Mailing Address: To enter or edit the Owner/Agent's name and mailing address, please go to Adding or Editing the Owner/Agent Name or Mailing Address

7) Owner/Agent's Designated Location for Attached Notices: This information is manually entered into the document each time. If there is an error in the information, then you will need to start a new document, entering the corrected information at that time. 

8) Owner/Agent's Designated Location for Payment: This information is manually entered into the document. You may provide the address where payments can be made in person, information on who to contact for electronic payments, or other instructions depending on what the policy/procedure is for your property. Once the information has been entered and saved on the Agreement, it will be saved for all units within that property, and it will autofill that information for any future Rental Agreement documents. For this reason, it is important to be cautious about making changes and to be clear in the instructions. 

9) Tenancy: The information that appears in this section is impacted by the property's minimum/maximum lease terms, lease term calculations, and the lease planning in terms of how many leases can expire in a given month. To update the lease terms, please go to step 3 (sections 4 and 11) of Updating the "Rental Agreement" of the "Property Settings". To set or adjust the lease planning settings, please go to  Updating your "Lease Planning" settings.

10) Monthly Charges: This information is manually entered when creating the first Rental/Lease agreement. However, when you are creating a Renewal Agreement, the information will automatically populate based on the information that was entered on the previous Agreement for the resident(s). Even though the information is automatically populated for your convenience, you are still able to edit it, if needed. 

11) Deposits: The deposit amounts are manually entered on each agreement. 

12) Fees: This information comes from the "Rental Agreement" section under the "Property Settings". To update this information, please see the instructions provided in step 3 (sections 7, 8, and 11) of Updating the "Rental Agreement" section of the "Property Settings".

13) Special Provisions: The information for any special provisions must be entered in the "Rental Agreement" settings. For instruction on how to update this information, please go to Step 3 (section 6 and/or 6) of Updating the "Rental Agreement" section of the "Property Settings".

14) Other Occupants: This will include minors and non-signing adults because they are also occupying the unit. It will not include Co-signers, as they will not be occupying the unit. If you find that you are not seeing an occupant that should be listed on the Rental Agreement (OR) you are seeing someone that should not appear on the Agreement, then you may need to update the "Resident" information. For help, please go to The "Other Occupants" section is incorrect on the Rental Application. How do I correct it?

15) Alarms:  This information is saved for each unit. When drafting the Rental Agreement, you have the option to "Manage Alarms", then select the appropriate options and save the settings (see below), or you may go to How to Manage or Update the Alarm Settings

16) Utilities: The utility information that appears on the Rental Agreement is separate from the information that appears on the Utility Bill-Back Addendum and is pulled from a different location.  For instructions on updating the utility information on the Agreement, please step 12 of Updating the "Rental Agreement" section found under "Property Settings". For instructions on how to update the information on the Utility Bill-Back Adendeum, please see the article, Utility Bill Back Addendum (M047).

17) Pets: The Pet information that appears on the Rental Agreement is pulled from the information contained in "Manage Animals" found in the "Residents" section. Information can be manually added and/or edited there as well, including identifying/distinguishing service animals. 



For your convenience, you can select the "Manage Animals" option as you complete the Rental Agreement. This will take you to the "Residents section and allow you to add/update the pet information. Regardless of which route you take, once the information is saved, then you'll need to select "Insert Pet Information", to pull the information from "Residents" into the agreement. 

18) 100yr Flood Plain: This information is saved for each unit and is pulled from the information stored for the unit under the "Residents" section. For instructions on how to update this information, please go to Managing the "100-year Flood Plain" settings. 

19) Mailbox: For help entering or updating a Mailbox Number for a unit, please go to Managing Mailbox Numbers