Thank you for choosing TenantTech! You can begin registration by using the url or from within TenantTech (current customers only). This guide will preview and explain each section of the two registration types. Once you've completed the registration, you can follow the Next Steps or continue to register additional accounts.


Registration Form

  • General new company with TenantTech: Click here to register 
  • New Companies also signed up to use Western Reporting Screening/ ResidentIQ integration: WRT/RIQ New Customers Register Here
  • Existing TenantTech customers can register new accounts within the system by going to Tools >> New Property (or New Portfolio). 

Step-by-Step Preview 

On the registration options, refer to the account type information in the Pre-Registration Guide to help you determine which selection to make.

Apartment Community (aka Multifamily property) = 1 Property in the Account (Single Property Account)

Single-Family Homes (or a Portfolio of small properties) = More than 1 property in the Account (Multi-Property Account) *Doesn't necessarily need to be a Single-Family home as long as the properties are located in the same state

Some sections will be different depending on the registration type you selected.

Single-Family Homes (Multi-Property Account) selection: 

The account name could be the portfolio name (eg. RRS Portland Portfolio) or the company name (e.g. Rose Real Estate Co). Or any other way that you prefer to name it. 

If the owner name is different for each property, you can wait and input owner details once you have access to your TenantTech account. 

For Apartment Community (Single-Property Account Registration) you will see:

The Property Name can be the DBA or the legal name - it's up to you! Once you are in the system, there are options to add a Marketing name, owner and legal names, change the entire property account name, and select what version to display on the leases, notices, or online application. 

The main property address is important for our team to assign the correct forms list. You can adjust this or add building or unit level addresses later. 

Keep in mind the Billing contact is specific to the account you are registering at the time.

Sections in both Single-Family Homes and Apartment Community Registrations

This section is optional and does not flow into any of your settings. We gather this information to understand what other property management software and services our customers are using. 

This section is only relevant for specific states and forms. You can always edit these settings once you have access to your account by going to the Account or Property Settings >> Rental Agreement.

These settings are required at registration but can be edited later from your settings. These settings determine how the pro-rate rent, rounding, and lease terms are calculated. You can enter a date and rent amount as an example to compare and match to your accounting platform's settings. 

When generating a rental agreement, you will select the lease term start date and length. 

The system will calculate and autofill the lease end date based on this setting.

If you are using an integration or custom forms, this might not apply. Please reach out to Support to confirm. You can still make a selection for the sake of submitting registration.

Affordable Housing selection and type is on a unit level and is relevant to forms. For example: If a unit is marked as Tax Credit, then when generating forms for a resident in that unit, Tax Credit specific forms will show in your forms library.

If you mark Some or All, our team will know to check for affordable type indicator in your rent roll (or remind you to include it). If you choose to manually add units instead of the rent roll import or your unit types change later, you can always set the affordable housing type within the system (Unit Actions >> Edit All Units). 

 Please verify with your sales rep or Support that Affordable forms are available in the system for your property's location. 

Please select which modules you would like to use. Forms are not an optional module. By default, you are set up with a forms library.

Reminder:  Carefully determine who will be the contact person, as they will be set up as the Company Admin user account and responsible for creating additional users.

Next Steps...


Once the TenantTech team has created your account(s), you will receive a user login email and invoice. The turnaround time is typically same day, however, please allow up to 1-2 business days. 

User Login 

Once you receive your user access email, please use the link to login and set a password. The link expires after 72 hrs. You can set up additional users. Learn more here: Create & Edit Users

Rent Roll Import (Optional) 

We can import a rent roll to save you some steps. First, a few things to know about the Rent Roll imports:

  • The Rent Roll must be sent to us in a specific format. We have provided a template and instructions here.
  • This is a one-time import per account, so please review carefully before sending to us. Re-imports require us to delete all data from your account which is not fun for anyone. 
  • You do not have to complete all columns in the rent roll. Unit # and Address are required. 
  • If you are utilizing an integration, please reach out to us to find out if there are short cuts or other options for data import. 
  • Rent Roll import is not required. Alternatively, you can create units and add residents manually. 

See this Knowledge Base article for more information: Rent Roll : TenantTech 

Set Property & Account Settings 

Complete Aptexx Registration 

Application Payment Processing with Aptexx

Add Online Application URL to Your Website

Go to the Residents >> Applicants section in TenantTech. Under the Applicants section, you will see "Get Link to Online Application". You can embed the URL within your website, email signature, ads, or provide to prospects directly. 

The generic application URL is at the account level. There are unit level URLs and property level for Multi-Property accounts. 

The generic URL can still show a selection of properties and/or units depending on your Online Application Units settings in Account Settings>> Application/Screening. 

Check out other articles in the TenantTech Knowledge Base